November 23, 2016

Addison Park Wedding | Joey and Paula

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Joey and Paula’s wedding is one Addison Park Wedding I have been waiting to photograph forever it seems.  Ever since I photographed their Hoboken engagement session last November, I realized immediately how perfect these two are for each other.  Fun, energetic and amazing to work with sums it up.  

We started the day photographing at Joey’s apartment and at Paula’s mother’s house in Bayonne.  The ceremony was at a gorgeous church nearby in Bayonne.  Once that concluded, we headed to Addison Park which is actually within a few miles from where I live!  Another reason why an Addison Park Wedding is right up my alley ūüôā

We took a few portraits at church but the majority were at Addison Park.  One thing I always try to do is create images very different than whats out there.  I saw a field nearby on the other side of the parking lot and decided that would be a great spot for some epic portraits.  I want my Addison Park Wedding photos to look much different than the norm..and I believe we did just that.   Luckily the weather held up, the bride and groom were game and the party was amazing.  Now for a little more on these two…here is a blurb from Paula:

“Although we were formally introduced at her work holiday party a few weeks earlier, Paula and I really met on January 4th, 2013 at Blackbear Bar and Grill in Hoboken, NJ. My cousins Matt and Claire, who Paula worked with in Hoboken, invited me to meet them at happy hour with their coworkers. Paula happened to be there, and even though I had heard she was just getting out of a long term relationship, I couldn’t resist talking to her. Ironically just a few days earlier on Christmas morning, I had gotten caught up watching the move “Pitch Perfect” with my brothers, despite having no interest in seeing it at all. Fast forward to Blackbear, and Paula asked the group who’d seen it, and gave me the perfect opportunity to chime in with how much I love it. We exchanged numbers that night, and the rest you could say is history. 

From the first day, everything with us just seemed to click. We talked constantly, had drinks after work for what seemed like 4 out of 5 days of the week, watched Pitch Perfect together about 10 times, and had our first “formal” date at Teak in Hoboken a few weeks later. Although the message all along was “take things slow” and “nothing serious”, it seemed like neither of us could deny the feeling that it had to be more. And it certainly was not always easy to navigate; Paula really did not want to go from one long term relationship right to another. But everything continued to go perfectly, and after 2 months of “taking things slow,” we were official by the first week of March.

I could go on forever listing everything that makes our relationship so perfect–every fun, romantic, cute, exciting thing we’ve done together; from music festivals to museums, swimming with dolphins to partying in Vegas, plays, Spartan races, and rock concerts. Paula seamlessly integrated with my relatively large group of friends, and nothing excited me more than introducing her to new friends of mine that she hadn’t met yet. We fully embraced being that couple that couldn’t keep their hands off each other, because it was so hard to not be. I can honestly say there was never any doubt in my mind that Paula and I were meant to be with each other.

Fast forward to July 18, 2015, and there I was proposing on the pier in Hoboken. This spot was especially meaningful to us, as it was right outside the bar where we’d had our first kiss, and in Hoboken where we’d shared so many of our best times together. She said yes (!!!!), and although she definitely had some suspicion all along that I was going to propose, she also thought we were headed off to dinner alone, and had no idea of the surprise I had planned next. When we arrived at the restaurant, which was our favorite in Bayonne, both of our families were there, waiting in a private room, to surprise her and celebrate with us on one of the best nights of our lives. It was truly incredible and a feeling that I will never forget. Neither of us can wait to start this next chapter in our lives together. “


Thanks for the amazing storyline here Paula

 Special thanks to my second photographer for the day Matt Guindon.

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I hope everyone enjoyed this Addison Park Wedding by NJ Wedding Photographer Joseph Delgado Photography LLC.  I am a fine art and documentary style wedding photographer based out of Old Bridge, NJ.

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