December 20, 2018

Central Jersey Wedding Photographers | Kerry and Paul

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Kerry and Paul got married at a venue that I have become quite familiar with. As central Jersey Wedding Photographers, I love photographing weddings in Freehold. I love it even more when the couple is amazing to work with. Being one of many central jersey wedding photographers means having the opportunity to capture a couples special day over and over again. This day was no different. Kerry and Paul got ready at the American Hotel in Freehold, NJ. They also had their ceremony and reception there. One stop shop! For portraits, we simply walked around the block a bit. It was quite chilly and very windy, so our options were narrowed down to a couple of alleyways, but that was fine by me. Here is some more insight on these two:

Paul and I met online and had our first date at a bar in NYC where we still go frequently to celebrate anniversaries and milestones! Our second date was at the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy where we spent hours together just walking and talking. To propose, Paul recreated that date from start to finish and proposed on a quiet street away from the crowds. We pretty quickly started wedding planning and were so excited to book the American Hotel!  We planned for a little over a year, and tried to focus on what was most important to us.  We wanted to have a great party with our family and friends who mean so much to us.  The day turned out to be exactly what we imagined!

Thanks for the amazing insight Kerry. This amazing wedding brought to you by Central Jersey Wedding Photographers Delgado Studios. Enjoy the photos

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