November 7, 2016

Fall Engagement Session Ideas | Lindsey and Chad

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Many couples are looking for fall engagement session ideas once September hits.  There is nothing like fall foliage for an engagement session.  This fall however it seems the leaves feel pretty quickly.  Lindsey and Chad were smart enough to book their engagement session for October and we managed to take advantage of the beautiful fall colors.  Their engagement session took place at Allaire State Park in New Jersey.  Now for some history, Lindsey is the third sister to get married in three years.  I was lucky enough to photograph the first two.   This made for a much more comfortable engagement session since the familiarity was there.  Lindsey and Chad are very easy going which is great for photos.  When I asked them to hike in the woods a bit for a different looking photo, they didn’t hesitate one bit.  When you’re trying to come up with fall engagement session ideas , it’s always good to let the photographer do his or her thing.  I have photographed numerous engagement sessions at Allaire State park, so it was important for me to create something a little different, especially when her younger sister had her engagement session here as well!  I told both sisters that we have to make this session look a little different which I think we did.  I always try to capture a couple having fun and just enjoying each others company.   The same goes for wedding photos.  I mean, posed photos are great and all but capturing a more editorial feel is what I go for.  In any  event, if you’re trying to come up with fall engagement session ideas, the KISS method is sometimes best.  Keep It Simple Stupid.  I loved working with Lindsey and Chad and I for one cannot WAIT to photograph their wedding next year.  I hope everyone enjoys the Photos!


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I hope everyone enjoyed this Fall Engagement Session at Allaire State Park with New Jersey’s top wedding photographer Joseph Delgado Photography LLC.  I photograph weddings in New Jersey, New York City, Pa and I am now available for destination weddings as well.

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