November 3, 2016

Hotel Du Village Weddings | Matt and Kristin

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Matt and Kristin were one of my favorite couples of the year…plain and simple.  They are very easy going, fun loving and overall amazing people.  Working with them on their wedding day was a blast.  For starters, photographing Hotel Du Village Weddings is not a bad way to make a living.  The scenery is gorgeous, the staff is top notch and the food is excellent.  Both Kristin and Matt got ready at the Hotel Du Village.  It’s also where they had their first look.  On this day there a healthy dose of gnats to content with, but nothing these two couldn’t handle.  The ceremony was at a nearby church, and we then headed back to the venue for some portraits and the reception.  It seems Hotel Du Village weddings are always photographically amazing, at least they will be with me :).  Now for more on these two, here is a blurb from the bride!

“A little story of us….

Matt and I had our first formal date on a spontaneous summer Sunday Night in August in the West Village. We met up outside a speakeasy called Little Branch. It was late, dark, with no sign on the bar door, and no one knew I was going out with some random guy… BUT… YOLO. 3 Martinis and 3 Old Fashions later, we were inseparable. Did I mention it turned into a 4am night and we both had work in 4 hours.

In those first years, we learned we really are the same person. We pretty much lived as far away from each other as you could in Manhattan, so long subway rides early and late in the evening became the norm. After that we moved in together surviving in a 500 square ft. apartment in the village. There was no hiding from each other, which neither of us seemed to mind. Most would classify that as torture, we classified it as amazing. We wouldn’t change that time in our lives for anything! During our time in NYC we experienced everything we could together from every coffee shop in Manhattan, conquering the surrounding boroughs and escaping a few weeks out of the year to travel when we could, often finding ourselves getting lost in other countries and probably venturing a bit to far off the beaten path. We were always up for an adventure and seemed to find the right spots.

Just after our two-year anniversary of dating we took a long vacation to Italy. We got engaged the second day in Florence, which was no easy task for Matt. The proposal was proved to be a challenge. It began with getting the ring into Italy (that he hid in my purse during security check), finding out the top of the Dumo (which seemed like a romantic location to pop the question) turned to be a selfie stick tourist wielding photo session after climbing the 800+ steps, then Matt got hit by a car while walking the streets after the failed engagement attempt, followed by him getting crapped on by a bird… This lead to us eating some great food and drinking too much wine…and waiting for the next opportunity the following day.

Needless to say, it proved to be another adventure for us.


After we got back we jumped right into wedding planning and one year later we are married, moved out of the city into the country in Newtown, PA and moved into our first house together…the adventure will continue.”


Thank you Kristin for the amazing story!   My staff and I had a wonderful time and we really hope you enjoy the photos!  Hotel Du Village weddings normally do not disappoint and this one was amazing!



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mazz-1-of-1 hotel-du-village-weddings-84-of-88 hotel-du-village-weddings-87-of-88 Hotel Du Village


I hope you enjoyed this wedding at the Hotel Du Village by New Hope Wedding Photographer Joseph Delgado Photography!   I photograph weddings in New Jersey, PA and NYC.  

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