August 23, 2018

Madison Hotel Wedding | Katie and Dan’s Big Day

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If I remember correctly, this is my fifth Madison Hotel Wedding I have photographed, and each one has been unique in its own way.  Katie and Dan are one of the sweetest couples you will ever meet…guaranteed.  Working with them was so much fun.  The had their engagement session at Liberty State Park a few months back.  Since that time I knew their Madison Hotel Wedding would be an absolute blast to photograph.   Both of them got ready at the Madison Hotel in Morristown, NJ.  We had some weather to deal with, but luckily it held up for most of the day.  The ceremony and reception were also held at the Madison Hotel as you can see.   This is very similar to every other Madison Hotel Wedding I have photographed.   The party was a blast!  They had a great band which kept the crowd dancing the whole night!  This Madison Hotel Wedding did not disappoint!  Heres some more details on these two newlyweds:

How did you two meet?  
Daniel and I met on OKCupid. I reached out to him first. Ha. We planned a date at a local dive bar that ended up being between both of our apartments. Daniel was the first person I had met from the dating website that was cuter in person than his pictures online. We hit it off instantly. It felt like talking with an old friend. We discovered we had many similar interests and actually had moments of finishing each other’s sentences. Our first date lasted 5.5 hours and it only ended because Daniel had to go to work (he worked graveyard shift at his job at this time). When both of us talk about our first date, we both remark separately that we knew we had to kiss the other at the end of the date. It was a nice kiss! Then Daniel went to work and I went home in a complete daze. We went on our next date the following week and by the third date we were officially coupled.
How did he propose? 
We had a trip planned to Colorado. My parents have a timeshare out there in Vail but we had planned to go to Denver the day before going out to Vail. This was summer June 2016. We had a great day in Denver. We went to the Botanical Gardens, an old Victorian home, and then to a fancy dinner. Daniel was very nervous during dinner but I was oblivious. After, we traveled to Vail and I started to unpack but Daniel was pacing around the condo. Eventually, he asked me if we could talk on the couch. Then he started going into his spiel about how much he loves me and how being together was the greatest adventure. I was completely oblivious. I start telling him how much I love him too! Then he keeps going on and that’s when I realized he was proposing. He got down on one knee and opened up the box with the ring. I said yes (clearly). And then I proceeded to bawl my eyes out for the next hour and a half. It was awesome.
Tell me about the wedding planning process as well.
I always knew I wanted a long engagement so we were engaged for two years before getting married. When we got home from Colorado, we looked at a bunch of venues. Initially, we thought we wanted a venue in NYC or one that has the view of the NYC skyline but the venues were either two small or grossly overpriced. I was looking through the Knot New Jersey magazine when I saw an ad for the Madison Hotel. I thought it looked beautiful, bookmarked the page, then scheduled an appointment for us. Daniel knew instantly walking into the venue that it was the one for him. I was more apprehensive since we had been talking about having some connection with the NYC skyline but by the second visit, I was sold to on the Madison Hotel.
Planning took a little break for a while then. Like a year later, we started booking our other vendors. And then six months before the wedding, things really took off into crazy stress land. But everything was great and we were really happy with everyone that worked with us for our big day!”
Thanks for the info Katie and Dan.  Now for the good stuff!
Madison Hotel Wedding Madison Hotel Wedding Madison Hotel Wedding Madison Hotel Wedding


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