August 1, 2017

Old York Country Club Wedding with Lindsey and Chad

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Lindsey and Chad’s Old York Country Club Wedding was a familiar site for me.  Both of Lindsey’s older sisters were married in the last two years and I was lucky enough to photograph their weddings as well.  Lindsey got ready at her mother house while Chad got ready at their place.  From there we headed straight to the venue for some portraits, ceremony and the reception of course.  This is the first Old York Country Club Wedding I have ever photographed, and hopefully not the last.   Although it rained on this day, mother nature gave us a little break to take some photos.  I’m guessing for every Old York Country Club wedding , the staff will be just as accommodating as they were for us on this day.  Now for more on these two newlyweds, here is a blurb from Lindsey:


Lindsey & Chad met very unexpectedly on April 7, 2011 in a bar/restaurant called Chesterfield Inn in New Jersey. Lindsey went that night with a group of girlfriends to hangout and have a girls night. As we were all sitting at the bar, Chad walks in by himself, sits down and orders dinner.  After about an hour of eye contact, Lindsey finally decides she is going over to talk to Chad and see what he is all about, after all he was her “type”.  The moment we started talking, we both knew we had a connection, and Chad ended up hanging out with me and friends the whole night.  We exchanged numbers and Chad texted me the very next day asking when we were hanging out again. It wasn’t until a week later we had our official date, we went out to dinner and later played Jenga, another unexpected moment/game to play on a first date. We talked the whole night and actually had a lot of things in common, we made each other laugh and enjoyed each others company.  We went on weekend trips to the beach, Baltimore and up to Pennsylvania where Chad’s family has a house. 2 months later he asked me to move in with him, I was hesitant at first and told him I would like to have a dog if I moved in because Chad was working nights at the time and didn’t want to be alone. My birthday came in September and Chad surprised me with a puppy named Harley. I officially moved in December 2011.
After 5 years of dating, Chad finally proposed to me on January 3, 2016 while we were taking Harley for a walk. It was a sunny, somewhat warm day in January and the whole time we were walking Chad was always behind and I kept telling him to keep up. Little did I know he was getting the courage and gathering his words to make it a very special and perfect proposal. I was totally shocked and so happy, we couldn’t wait to walk home and tell our friends and family!
Wedding planning was fun and exciting. We visited about 10 different venues, and after seeing Old York Country Club in Chesterfield, NJ, we knew that was our perfect place! They had our date available, June 17, 2017 and we booked it immediately. Its such a unique place, almost a hidden gem in the country. It has the rustic look outside, which Chad wanted and the glamorous look on the inside, what I wanted! Not to mention our wedding coordinators, Melanie and Hank who were awesome. They were professional and on top of everything,  and we couldn’t ask for anyone else. My mom, sisters and bridesmaids were a huge help in planning our wedding.
I couldn’t have had a better group of people help me plan the wedding, as I am the oldest of my two sisters and the last of my friends to get married. So I had a lot of great ideas, advice, feedback and support from everyone.  In the end, it turned out to be fun and less stressful that I anticipated. It was amazing to see the vision I had and have it all come together. The place looked gorgeous and everyone looked so beautiful.  The weather that day was not so great, it rained on and off and right as I walked down the aisle, 2 rainbows appeared! Everyone started clapping and I wasn’t sure why people were clapping until I saw the rainbow. Not everyone can say they had a rainbow at their wedding and we had 2! The day went by so fast, we wish we could do it all over again”!
Thank you so much for the insight Lindsey!  I hope everyone enjoys the wedding photos!
Old York Country Club Wedding Old York Country Club Wedding Old York Country Club Wedding Old York Country Club Wedding
I hope everyone enjoys this Old York Country club wedding photographed by yours truly, Delgado Studios.  We are New Jersey Wedding Photographers based out of central NJ.  Currently we are photographing weddings all over NJ, NYC and PA.  We are also available for destination weddings around the world.
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