November 30, 2016

Trenton Country Club Wedding

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This Trenton Country Club wedding was one for the ages.  Corinne is the youngest of the three Tomsho girls.  I was lucky enough to photograph her sister Cassandra’s wedding at the Madison in Riverside NJ last year.  Next year I’ll be photographing Lindey’s wedding, the last of the Tomsho girls to get married :).  I always find it a tremendous honor when I get chosen to photograph multiple weddings in the same family.  This Trenton Country club wedding was no different.   Nick married into a wonderful family for sure.  Mrs. Tomsho has been on the best moms I’ve ever worked with and can she boogey down!  

On this day, rain was a topic for sure.  I always tell my brides to never worry about rain as far as the photos go.  We will always find a way to create kick ass photos.  Now just like her sister, Corinne got ready at her parent’s house.  For this wedding I decided to integrate the colors of the wedding into my detail shots using flash gels.  Makes for more interesting photos for sure!  We then proceeded to the Trenton country club where Nick and Corinne had their first look.  The rain actually dissipated for a bit and we got the opportunity to go outside for some portraits.  If you’re having a Trenton Country Club Wedding , you MUST try to use the gorgeous grounds for photos.  Theres lots of greenery and beautiful landscapes which is always great for photos.  

The ceremony took place inside and it was a quick one.  After the ceremony the party got rockin.  There was lots of action here.  Corinne and Nick had the time of their lives.  The party was awesome with some crazy dancing!  To me it seemed everyone had an amazing time and at the end of the day…thats what all couples want!  Mama Tomsho was a dancing machine, I must say I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mother of the bride dance non stop! Bravo Jane!  Enjoy the photos everyone!


trenton-country-club-wedding-2-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-5-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-3-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-4-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-6-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-7-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-8-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-9-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-11-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-12-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-13-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-1-of-1 trenton-country-club-wedding-16-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-17-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-18-of-54 Trenton Country Club Wedding trenton-country-club-wedding-20-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-1-of-1-2 trenton-country-club-wedding-22-of-54 Trenton Country Club Wedding trenton-country-club-wedding-25-of-54 Trenton Country Club Wedding Trenton Country Club Wedding trenton-country-club-wedding-29-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-30-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-31-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-32-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-33-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-34-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-35-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-37-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-38-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-39-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-41-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-42-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-43-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-44-of-54 Trenton Country Club Wedding trenton-country-club-wedding-47-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-46-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-48-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-49-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-50-of-54 Trenton Country Club Wedding trenton-country-club-wedding-52-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-53-of-54 trenton-country-club-wedding-54-of-54

I hope everyone enjoyed this Trenton Country Club wedding by NJ Documentary and Fine Art wedding photographer Joseph Delgado Photography.  We photograph weddings in New Jersey, NYC and Eastern PA.


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