October 27, 2016

Valley Regency Weddings | Dana and Brian’s Wedding Day

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Valley Regency Weddings have been some of my favorite to photograph thus far, and this is the second one of the year for me.   This wedding featured loads of emotion, a classic Buick, tons of dancing and a killer bridal party. Dana got ready at her moms house and then we headed right to the ceremony.  They had a beautiful church ceremony which lasted about an hour.  We then headed to the Valley Regency for some portraits and to resume the festivities.  For more on how Dana and Brian met, here is a quick blurb from Dana:  

Our first date was a blind date in Morristown at Sushi lounge – I told Brian I only had time for drinks because I was getting ready for a trip and he told me to let him know when I had time for dinner.  I put two and two together and figured out he was telling me how this date was going to go with an ultimatum – Bold move!!  The night of our date Brian took the shock and awe approach – meaning he told me WAY to much on our first date, even embellishing to get a rise out of me!  What I know now is that was the beginning of who we are with each other – open and honest at all cost and ALWAYs laughing.  We were so fortunate to share that with all the people who love, support and encourage us.  Our wedding was a dream come true – it was the people that made the day for us.”


Thanks for the history Dana!  Photographing Valley Regency Weddings is always a treat!  This venue features a great staff, excellent food and overall a great place to party!  As a new jersey wedding photographer, these are all great traits for a venue.  I hope everyone enjoys the photos! 


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Enjoy this Valley Regency Wedding by New Jersey documentary wedding photographer Joseph Delgado Photography.  We photograph weddings in New Jersey, New York City and Eastern PA.  We are also available for destination weddings across the globe.  



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