November 7, 2016

Weddings at Mayfair Farms | Michael and Andrea

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Weddings at Mayfair farms have always been a blast to photograph.  This one wasn’t any different.  Michael and Andreas’ day began at a Hotel in Morristown where they got ready.  There were lots of funny moments during bride prep, most having to do with Andrea’s dress but thankfully the ladies figured it out.  Her dress, shoes and rings made for some great detail photos.  We then headed to Mayfair farms for their first look and portrait.  The ceremony also took place at Mayfair farms.  Most weddings at Mayfair farms I have photographed had their ceremony there as well.  Outdoor ceremonies are some of my favorite to photograph.  The freedom I have to go behind the couple during the ceremony makes for a much more photojournalistic point of view and really draws the viewer into the action.  The reception was beautiful was well.  Lots of emotion during the parent dances which are always my favorite to photograph.  I assume most weddings at Mayfair farms are similar in the sense of the wonderful service this venue brings to the table (no pun intended).  The staff is great and the food is top notch.  Now for more on the couple, here is a little blurb on how they met:

“As some of you know Andrea and Michael met 5 years ago when Andrea was interviewing with the company Michael currently works for. In a lucky twist of fate, Michael happened to interview Andrea for a job opening. Regardless of Michael’s objection that she was “too pretty to work there” she got the job. Sometime later when Andrea left the company for new opportunities, she left with Michael’s heart”


Thank you again Michael and Andrea for allowing my staff and I to to capture your amazing wedding at Mayfair Farms.  I hope everyone enjoys the photos!

Special thanks to my excellent second shooter Guy Andrew.

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I hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful wedding at Mayfair farms by Modern Wedding Photographer Joseph Delgado Photography LLC.  I am a documentary and fine art wedding photographer based out of Central New Jersey.  Currently I am photographing weddings in New Jersey, New York City and Eastern PA.  I am also available for destination weddings as well.



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