December 13, 2017

Windows on the Water Frogbridge Wedding

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This Windows on the Water Frogbridge Wedding might have been the craziest one of the year for me.  For one, the couple.  Rebecca and Steven came to me from another awesome couple who’s wedding at the Seasons I photographed a while back…Felipe and Heather.

Rebecca got ready at her mother’s house with her girls, while Steven got ready with his boys and his giant pooch.  A Windows on the Water Frogbridge wedding would not be complete without some beautiful outdoor portraits.  The weather held up for the photos and ceremony, and what a wild party it was.  For more on these two, here is their story:

Back in 2008 Steven somehow landed a bartending job at Cheese Burger in Paradise, when never had any experience in working in a restaurant/bar. His personality and great charm had him behind the bar making mojiotos and Pinho punch for all the best customers by the next day. Little did he know he was going to meet his future wife.

When he first introduced himself, she didn’t give him much attention. He asked around and found out her interests and starting making small talk. After a few months of turn downs he asked her on a “day trip” to mountain creek to challenge her in snowboarding…. yup that hooked her real quick. He had her laughing and smiling the whole ride there and home with his jokes and somewhat of singing skills.

Could it be anymore perfect?! If you didn’t already know, my family takes an annual ski trip to Colorado every year, well the last 3 years to be exact. We rent a huge house usually in Breckenridge up in the mountains that consists of 5-7 bed rooms,an indoor pool, steam room and sauna, multiple outdoor hot tubs, a game room, and yes a movie room! We make one huge food shopping trip for the week which we eat like KINGS- and of course a lot of beer, yes great Colorado beer =) This past year our trip fell on and around Easter.

Ill let Steve take over from here

Steve here:

I picked up Rebecca’s custom designed engagement ring a week before the trip hoping the jeweler had it finished in time before Colorado. The day before we left I was nervous about where I was going to put the ring for the flight. In my suitcase? No to risky.. I walked over to Rebecca with the ring clinched in my hand while she was sitting on the couch watching TV kissed her and told her I loved her. (My middle name is danger!) Then I decided to put in in my carry on backpack very well hidden in a jewelers cloth – within a a small cuff links package- within my watch travel box that was locked! The next morning we woke up very early for our flight. This was the second most nervous day of my life when I was going through security and hoping they didn’t pick me and my backpack to be further checked because of a “strange metal object” in my bag. Finally we got through security and on the plane about to take off. I turned and looked at Rebecca’s brother one of the few who knew what I was planning and said “My last day in Jersey as a single man!”



Thanks for the amazing insight you two!  I hope everyone enjoys the photos from this Windows on the Water Frogbridge Wedding with Rebecca and Steven!


Water Frogbridge Windows on the Water Frogbridge Wedding Windows on the Water Frogbridge Wedding Windows on the Water Frogbridge Windows on the Water Frogbridge Windows on the Water Frogbridge

Windows on the Water Frogbridge Wedding Windows on the Water Frogbridge Wedding Windows on the Water Frogbridge Wedding

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