January 23, 2018

Winter Wedding Venues NJ | Ashleigh and Jacob’s Wedding

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Winter wedding venues NJ , thats the title of this post.  Why?  Because I LOVED photographing this winter wedding with Ashleigh and Jacob.  On this snowy day, Ashleigh and Jacob got ready at a nearby Hotels and had their ceremony at Church of the Holy Eucharist in Tabernacle, NJ.  From there we headed to Ron Jaworski’s Ramblewood Country Club for some Winter wedding photos.   When you’re looking for Winter Wedding Venues NJ, you’re dreaming of a snowy day for your winter wedding.  At least with some snow, you’ll have the makings of some beautiful winter wedding photos.  Well, thats assuming you’re okay with being out in the cold :).  Ashleigh and Jacob were tough as nails, they could care less it was frigid outside…they wanted to good photos.  As NJ Wedding photographers , we have to be ready to photograph couples in all kinds of conditions.  Well, I hope I didn’t disappoint!  Now for more about these two, here is a blurb from Ashleigh and please excuse the random keyword inserts:


We met when we were 16 years old through the Sea Cadets, a weekend
program sponsored by the Navy (think JROTC but more). It was December
2008 and Jacob came one weekend to join the program; I was the cadet
leader. We laugh all the time about how Jacob didn’t really like me,
at all, for the first year we knew each other! I was kind of bossy
(okay, really bossy). But we began to hang out more during that one
weekend a month and text between weekends; I know, teenage friendships
are so romantic these days. Finally, towards the end of my senior year
of high school I decided I was going to ask him to my prom – just as a
friend, of course. But when I asked what he was doing that weekend he
responded that he had his junior prom that same night. So I didn’t
even bother asking. I asked another guy, who then texted me that he
didn’t want to go two weeks before prom. Right after I asked another
friend (because I had already bought a ticket), I found out that he
had got his weekends mixed up and his junior prom was actually the
upcoming weekend!

Winter wedding venues NJ

A few weeks later, Jacob was talking to a mutual friend about his prom
and she thought he was talking about mine; she knew that I was going
to ask him. So she exclaimed, “Oh, so Ashleigh did ask you to her
prom!” Now the cat was out of the bag. So he called and asked if I had
wanted to ask him to my prom, to which I tried to play it cool and say
yes but that he had his junior prom. He responded that he would have
wanted to go to my prom over his dance if he had known. As we kept
talking, it turned out that he had actually started to have feelings
for me like I had for him. From there it’s history, as they say.

Flash-forward to August 2016 – We had moved together to Connecticut a
little less than a year prior. I had been away for a few days on a
work trip when he called my parents to ask their blessing and planned
his proposal. He had a wonderful day at home all planned out; banana
pancakes in bed, relaxing on the patio playing cards, and then a big
homemade dinner of chicken parmigiana and gnocchi with vodka sauce.
Well, the day before, our air conditioning broke and it was the height
of summer heat. So he slaved and sweat all day in the kitchen getting
dinner ready because he was determined to make it perfect. He told me
that we should make it fancy and get dressed up; he barely wants to
wear jeans and a t-shirt let alone get dressed up. This is where I
started to get suspicious. Once he finished dinner, he quickly changed
into a dress shirt and pants, even shoes! But while plating the food
he splashed sauce on his shirt and got so upset about it, immediately
stripping it off in frustration to go stain treat it. We then ate a
hot meal in our uncomfortably hot apartment all dressed up in stuffy

After we finished eating he asked if I wanted to go upstairs to the
bedroom (the only room with air conditioning) and I immediately
agreed. As we laid there relishing in the cold air, he began to ask me
questions about love and the future and before I knew it he stood up,
made me stand, and then got down on one knee. But in his nervousness
and frustration he forgot to put a new shirt on first! It was quiet,
personal, romantic, and so right for our homebody/foodie
personalities. He still proposes to me once in a while – but only
while shirtless!

Winter wedding venues NJ

We had an 18 month engagement that started off with a whirlwind!
Because of my job, I spend four months overseas followed by four
months at home and when he proposed I was leaving in just four weeks.
In that four week period, we decided we’d get married in New Jersey
where we grew up. Not only was I going to be planning a wedding from
overseas, but I was going to be an out-of-state bride even when I was
home! We met with the church and booked the date.  My mom and I toured
eight reception venues (Jake came down for the weekend to tour our top
three) before settling on Ramblewood Country Club in Mount Laurel. I
had interviewed and decided to book Joe as our photographer and had
booked our videographer and DJ, too! Phew. I then proceeded to waste
all my free time (and money) getting internet cards to brainstorm
wedding ideas so when I got home in February I hit the ground running
with the final planning process! By the time I went back to work in
June, there wasn’t much left to do besides show up. I returned home in
October and we I got down to the nitty gritty of décor and RSVP

Winter wedding venues NJ

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! Not even an early season
snowstorm was going to stop us; my bridesmaids and I went out to LL
Bean the day before and bought boots to wear outside! No excuses from
this group. And after the especially cold snap we just went through,
30 degrees sounds downright warm. Besides, every time it’s snowed
after our wedding I smile because it makes me think of our wedding
day. We’re so thankful to Joe and his team for braving the weather
with us to capture our day full of love and laughter!

Winter wedding venues NJ

Enjoy the photos everyone!!

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Well I hope everyone enjoyed this South Jersey Winter wedding photographed by New Jersey Wedding Photographers Delgado Studios.

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